Mathias and Katie's Wedding | Morristown, New Jersey | January 5th, 2019

A true love story.  Mathias and Katie's chance meeting in a Belgium club.  Love at first sight some might say.  A cute Belgian man dancing the night away.  At Katie's first glance, she knew this guy was cute, with a capital C and such a great dancer.  Katie nudged her friend and mentioned how cute “that” guy is. To Katie’s surprise, her friend boldly approached the “Cute Belgian” aka Mathias and made known Katie’s unbiased honest observation.  The rest is history. That evening an extra long distance romance was ignited and kindled with phone calls, long texts and transatlantic plane rides.

 The beautiful venue for their January wedding day was in the historic town of Morristown, NJ.  Twinkling lights, decorated Christmas trees and greenery made for a stunning backdrop at the elegant Madison Hotel with its beautiful conservatory for the reception and the breathtaking Assumption Parish for their ceremony. The unique setting of the victorian restaurant and train cars of Rod’s Steak & Grille was perfect for the bridal portraits.

Katie and Mathias embraced us as part of the family. Being chosen as their wedding photographers to be immersed in and to document their most intimate moments with family and friends on their most special day was an amazing privilege, but Katie and Mathias took it a step further. She invited us to their rehearsal dinner as guests. We enjoyed the most delicious Chinese food. Meeting “Master Blaster” (a nickname given to Katie’s dad Joe) was a great treat as well. Sonny and I both loved getting to know their most intimate family and friends, The portraits captured are so honest and true.

Mathias and Katie,

It was and continues to be a blessing to be a part of your wedding day. We hope these photographs allow you to relive that day in a truly timeless way, that your grandchildren will long to see again and again.

Much Love,