Bohlman's | Family Photographer | Ridgley, MD | Maryland's Eastern Shore

Adkins Arboretum in Ridgely, MD was the setting for this fun family session. We have brought families here often for it’s unique and well maintained trails and rolling fields. The arboretum is a hidden gem tucked alongside the Tuckahoe State Park on Maryland’s beautiful eastern shore. The staff and wildlife maintain over 400 acres of native gardens and preserves. We bring families here so they can let loose and enjoy nature and be themselves.

Watching a family come out of their comfort zone collectively is always neat to watch. Reassuring glances up to mom as the horseplay begins, dad telling a mischievious joke looks to mom for a giggle or two. The family unit is love. Nobody can take away the shared sips of a milkshake and dad taking one last sip to sacrifice the remainder to the children. That is an intimate moment that only the family unit can admire and savor. Memories of security and togetherness that a family can only share….in the van, at the dinner table, getting ready for church, watching dad and mom work hard. That last popcorn kernel in the bowl while watching a movie, that you let your little brother eat (only because you know you picked it up off the floor). It is a secret memory that only a family can share.

Capturing these little moments is what we do, the moments that define your circle of influence. The circle of dreams, heartache, joy and love that only happen at your dinner table on that tuesday night after a long day at school. When your dad asks you that important request, that requires precision that only a life long of practice can replicate. “Pull my finger” And thats when we take the photograph - smell and all.

Thanks guys,