Sultenfuss Family Portrait Session | Centreville, MD

Wind: a natural movement of air of any velocity.

Wind and rolling farm fields is a photographers nightmare. Many wonders of this world pale to the movement and artistry of single strand of hair…so simple. Caught in the rising and falling air flow, cascading in a ballet of light and beauty. Now add a few more strands of hair to make a lock. The wind has a little more to work with. The wind takes more and more of the hair until its grips are snarled throughout the hair mass. The wind roars its teeth and lifts the locks together and the hair now has engulfed the subject. Rolling farm lands push the wind to peak power and the hair is now a whirl of life and the photographs are tricky to snap. The natural resting point for hair isn’t where we think it. Peacefully laying on shoulders and earlobes. No, its in your face, your eyes and mouth. The wind allows this to take place, and well done.

We almost cancelled this shoot to wait for a calmer day. The Sultenfuss’s wouldn’t have it any other way. Living on a farm on the Eastern Shores has grizzled these homesteaders. Thirty plus mile an hour gusts wouldn’t deter this family.

On a huge family farm, Mark and Denise have raised a wonderful and dedicated tribe that spends just as much time in the reading room as the generations before them. Denise is a stay at home mom/teacher and blogger. (If you want to be encouraged how to be a good steward of your health, check out her blog at Mark works as a farm insurance rep and helps maintain the family farm with his industrious son, Luke. Luke raises and sells the most delicious grass fed beef. Check it out at